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Capitol Hill East offers a consolidated site where a riverfront ecosystem connects with the east end of Capitol Hill.

The historic Capitol Hill neighborhood serves as home to the nation’s elected leaders and the diverse residents of Washington, DC. The site’s recently-initiated Phase One development will create 350 apartment units, nearly 40,000 square feet of retail, and a dedicated town square. Amazon HQ2 would be an unparalleled riverside campus, in an urban enclave where the originality of place spurs originality of thought.



8.1M SQ FT

With more large-scale corporate organizations thinking strategically about their futures, there
has been a growing recognition that workplaces need to provide all the things current and future employees both want and need. From Washington State to Washington, DC, a new class of urbane workers is seeking a city-centric existence.

Buildings within the proposed urban campus will incorporate ways to bring people together with shops, cafés, art, parks, bike and walking paths, benches, landscaping, and open spaces to create a lively street environment.

Phase 1 (2019) 612,000 SF
South Side of Independence Ave SE at 22nd St SE
Phase 2 & 3 7.5M SF
Comprehensive campus 5 year scenario along the waterfront. This phasing sequence is illustrative of one potential scenario. The campus phasing options are flexible and can cater to Amazon’s needs and preferences.
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Capitol Hill East | HQ2 Phase 1


Phase I

Owner: DC Government
Address: South Side of Independence Ave SE at 22nd St SE
Description: Existing surface parking lot
Square Feet: 612,000
Completion: 2019
Current Zoning: HE-3; Medium to High Density commercial, residential, or mixed use.
Zoning Needs: No changes needed, review required
Historic Preservation: None
Utility Infrastructure: Full site infrastructure phase 1 construction currently underway (DDOT). District Government will accommodate new water, sewer, and power needs at the site to suit Amazon’s timeline.


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Capitol Hill East | HQ2 Phases 2-5

Phases II-V

Owner: DC Government
Address: Generally bound by Independence Avenue SE to the north; 19th Street SE to the west; Massachusetts Avenue SE to the south; and the Anacostia Park and River to the east.
Description: Existing buildings and parking lots would be razed and redeveloped
Square Feet: 7,500,000
Completion: On Amazon’s Schedule
Current Zoning: Various: HE-1 to HE-3; Low to High Density commercial, residential, or mixed use.
Zoning Needs: Zoning changes to allow additional density possible, may remain subject to design review
Historic Preservation: One historic building onsite, not anticipated to impact timeline
Utility Infrastructure: Full site infrastructure phase 1 construction currently underway (DDOT). District Government will accommodate new water, sewer, and power needs at the site to suit Amazon’s timeline.


Capitol Hill East is designated for public disposition and redevelopment, with plans calling for well-designed, urban-grain, mixed-use development that takes advantages of transit access and waterfront adjacency.

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Special Features

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Build to suit waterfront campus

Kingman Island will be transformed into an active outdoor park respite, easily accessible from Amazon HQ2 campus via a new showcase pedestrian bridge.



Housing & Recreation


Access to nature

Anacostia Park, a verdant 1,200-acre National Park, lies adjacent to Hill East. As part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed, the park features a wealth of biodiversity, including deer, bald eagles, beavers, and turtles. The park also offers an abundance of recreational options ranging from kayaking to soccer to hiking along the scenic 20-mile Anacostia Riverwalk Trail.


Kingman Island and Heritage Island Park, located less than a mile from Hill East, provides additional opportunities to connect with nature. Now in the process of remediation and invasive species removal, the islands are thriving and are home to a variety of plant and aviary species and serve as a quiet natural respite in the center of the city. The islands also host a variety of community and cultural events, including the annual Kingman Island Bluegrass & Folk Festival. A state-of-the-art Environmental Education Center is planned for Kingman Island as well. As part of the ongoing effort to make the Anacostia a model for forward-thinking environmentalism, the Center will provide a means for the public to learn about the Anacostia ecosystem and serve as a showcase for sustainable building practices.



A Place to Call Home

Hill East, a quiet, traditional rowhouse community, sits at the eastern edge of the District, walkable to some of the most exciting and historic neighborhoods in the area.

Age < 20 17.3%
Age 20-34 30.1%
Age 35-64 41.7%
Age 65+ 10.9%
Median Age (years) 36
Asian 2%
Black 29%
Latino 3.9%
White 62%
Other 3.1%
HH Income <$50K 9.8%
HH Income $50-$100K 9.7%
HH income $100K+ 25.1%
Median $106,717
Income Per Capita $64,917
Owner-Occupied 55.5%
Renter-Occupied 44.5%
Built 1939 or earlier 64.5%
Moved in 2000 or later 73.6%
Moved in 2010 or later 39%
Median Home value $665,402
Median Rent $1,463
Car 31%
Transit 42%
Walk 10%
Work from Home 8%
Carpool 4%
Other 5%
Bachelor’s Degree 47.4%
Graduate Degree 46.5%
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Transportation & Connectivity

Courtesy of  TransitScreen

Courtesy of TransitScreen



As the nation’s capital, Washington, DC reflects the best of our country’s ideals and values. Among DC’s best features is its ethnically and culturally diverse population. Washington, DC is proud to foster a safe sense of community where people of different backgrounds and differing ideas are embraced.

Diverse certainly describes the Hill East neighborhood. With its mix of various ages, races, and outlooks, Hill East is a place filled with longtime residents and newcomers, empty nesters, and growing families. And with one-third of its population comprised of Millennials, the neighborhood offers plenty of youthful energy.

Furthermore, Hill East is exceptionally well-educated. Its share of residents with a graduate degree stands at 47 percent, which is nearly four times the national average.


Three airports


  • 10 minutes by car
  • 30 minutes by train


  • 40 Minutes by car
  • 50 minutes by train


  • 40 Minutes by car
  • 70 minutes by train

Capitol Hill East