DC’s stable long-term economy and nimble policymaking


Washington, DC has a stable and diverse economy and a local government that has embraced innovation. DC confronts its growth forecast as a national leader in housing investments, focused on ensuring an inclusive housing policy with options for all residents.


Supportive DC Government

Since the District’s governing body does not have multiple layers of bureaucracy, the city is able to be agile in its response to opportunities within city limits and regionally and can quickly move key projects and incentives through the system.

Source: DC Chamber of Commerce

Source: DC Chamber of Commerce






DC is built to last and adapt


Washington, DC is a global capital with unparalleled proximity to federal policymakers, regulatory agencies, thought leaders and creative pioneers. DC residents are immersed in a socially diverse atmosphere, residing among Congressional staff, startup founders, and think tank analysts and socialize with federal agency heads, embassy staff, and influencers.  

DC has steadily increasing revenues, a double A-rating, more than 2 billion dollars in its reserves, and a fully-funded pension. The District’s FY 2016 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report received a clean and unqualified opinion from independent auditors for the 20th consecutive year.

14% of DC Residents are Foreign-Born or 17% of DC Residents speak a language other than English at home


DC is the only jurisdiction with a unitary government.


Washington, DC has a distinct unitary government which serves as a city, county, and state government -- unique among cities across the U.S. The Mayor is its single executive and the 13-member District of Columbia Council serves as a single legislative body, with both working out of the same executive building.



Grow with DC


Washington, DC is in the midst of its most robust population growth spurt since the 1950s. With more than 114,000 new residents added since 2005, DC’s population has exceeded 700,000 and is more able to welcome an influx of new workers and residents. DC is forecasted to continue its streak as the fastest growing jurisdiction in the region, reaching a population of almost one million in 2045.

Planning for growth means adding affordable and attractive housing options for all types of households. By supporting affordable housing construction and preservation, maintaining existing affordable units, and improving programs to encourage homeownership, current and future DC residents are presented with housing that is available, affordable and sustainable.

DC has over 150 million square feet of office, retail, residential, medical, education and hotel space in the development pipeline through 2030. 80% of this development will be within half a mile of a Metro rail station.


In 2019, 7,693 new family housing units will be delivered and available, providing many options for new residents.

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