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Washington, DC is the city on which the world pivots and rotates. We have the people, the ingenuity, and the resources to keep companies moving forward.

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Washington, DC is a city that welcomes all, cherishing the contributions of its diverse residents and global community. This is why DC is the third most livable city in the country, recognized as a cultural epicenter and historic center of black culture.

Washington, DC has the highest proportion of college graduates of any metro area, is home to 20 colleges and universities, and has the highest-educated adult population in the country. DC offers a deep labor pool, strong university programs, and a vibrant technology and STEM sector.


Washington, DC features the infrastructure of a major, cosmopolitan, interconnected urban city. As one of the most connected cities in the globe, DC is a leader in resilience, smart cities, and data infrastructure.

Washington, DC has a stable and diverse economy and a local government that has embraced innovation. DC confronts its growth forecast as a national leader in housing investments, focused on ensuring an inclusive housing policy with options for all residents.


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