Washington, DC is the city on which the world pivots and rotates.

We have always said that we would put our city and its people up against any other in the world. DC has the people, the ideas, and the ingenuity to keep companies moving forward.
We are grateful for all who are part of the District, and we are grateful for the Washingtonians across all eight wards who remind us every day why Washington, DC is the greatest city in the world.
Together, let’s keep building on our status as the capital of inclusive innovation.
Muriel Bowser, Mayor

Muriel Bowser, Mayor


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Washington, DC has the highest proportion of college graduates of any metro area, is home to 20 colleges and universities, and has the highest-educated adult population in the country. DC offers a deep labor pool, strong university programs, and a vibrant technology and STEM sector.

Washington, DC is a city that welcomes all, cherishing the contributions of its diverse residents and global community. This is why DC is the third most livable city in the country, recognized as a cultural epicenter and historic center of black culture.


Washington, DC features the infrastructure of a major, cosmopolitan, interconnected urban city. As one of the most connected cities in the globe, DC is a leader in resilience, smart cities, and data infrastructure.

Washington, DC has a stable and diverse economy and a local government that has embraced innovation. DC confronts its growth forecast as a national leader in housing investments, focused on ensuring an inclusive housing policy with options for all residents.


DC will always be relevant.

DC has the durability, longevity, and economic stability of a city that will be the capital of the free world for centuries to come. It has the focus to be a sustainability and resilience leader globally, ensuring that it can weather what the future holds.

DC attracts the best.

DC is a cosmopolitan urban capital city that attracts and retains top talent: Michelin-star rated restaurants built by local chefs; accessible national museums and thriving musical and theatrical communities; an array of National Parks and waterfronts; and top-rated public transportation and free city-wide wifi are among the incredible amenities Washington, DC offers to its visitor and residents alike.

DC influences the world.

A local, federal, and global city, DC is a gateway to international influence, a nucleus of educational ambition, a refuge of art, music, and makers, and a home to those passionate about fearlessly impacting the world through tech and innovation.


DC values

  • Respecting the free exercise of religion and love
  • Serving all DC residents no matter their immigration status
  • Reforming our criminal justice system and providing second chances
  • Accelerating school reforms so that all children in DC have the opportunity to thrive
  • Empowering women and girls and investing in their education, healthcare, and aspirations
  • Upholding affordable housing and healthcare as building blocks to the middle class
  • Protecting our environment and fighting against climate change
  • Become an equally represented state

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